Meghan’s amazing dessert makes the menu

Release Date: 27 February 2018

Mix Dundee and Angus College hospitality department with Carnoustie Golf Hotel and you have the perfect ingredients for a very successful venture.

Meghan Carnoustie

The challenge – come up with a delicious dessert for the hotel which is manageable during events, busy services and can feature on the Christmas menu.

Level 3 Professional Cookery lecturer Debbie Robson jotted down some ideas and decided on a Scottish dessert with a twist which would work well during the festive period but wouldn’t involve the predictable Christmas pudding or brandy!

Debbie explains, “I then had to find a student who would be able to plan, prepare and deliver this to a room full of chefs.” 

Step forward cookery student Meghan Wright who joined the course from America last year. 

“Meghan has a natural flare for pastry and desserts, she has 100% attendance and is fully committed to her studies,” says Debbie. “She is always asking to help with anything extra out with her coursework and loves Scottish cuisine so I knew she’d be up for the challenge!” 

Following some trial and error, the final dish was decided – Honey Parfait with Mulled Plums, Oat Crumble and Honeycomb. Sounds tempting but it’s not all down to taste – Meghan had to send over recipe specifications to allow the hotel to cost and consider whether or not the dish would be achievable with the volume of customers they were catering for. 

After getting the thumbs-up it was all systems go and Meghan, Debbie and Chef Lecturer Gerry Mcmenemy headed to Carnoustie with a cool box in tow. The dessert was a massive hit and everyone involved decided it had to feature on the menu. 

Carnoustie Golf Hotel Deputy General Manager, Robert McPhee, says, “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Dundee and Angus College to come up with new and exciting menu additions to our festive programme. Hopefully this will inspire the students and give them a small insight into preparing dishes from an idea to the costings to the finished dish.” 

And the final word goes to ‘MasterChef in the making’, Meghan, “I enjoyed bringing all the components of the dessert together and when I presented it to the Chef at the hotel he really enjoyed it. This experience has highlighted even more reasons why I want to become a chef and I look forward to seeing my hard work featured on the new menu.”