LGBT award for D&A

Release Date: 22 June 2016

D&A College has been awarded the LGBT Charter Mark which recognises the measures taken by staff and students to ‘mainstream’ LGBT issues and provide a more inclusive service.

LGBT article
From Left – Carlene Cura, Angela Houghton and Grant Ritchie.

Awarded by LGBT Youth Scotland, this accolade pays tribute to the efforts made to promote equality and diversity at D&A College.

“Gaining this charter mark reinforces the college’s commitment to treating all people fairly and with respect,” said Carlene Cura, learner engagement officer, who spearheaded the college bid for charter mark status.

“Rather than looking at LGBT students in isolation we have worked hard to encompass everyone as part of the whole student body.”

D&A College promotes equality with a number of procedures, protocols and events,

Working with students, the learner engagement team supported the college LGBT+ group in the publication of a book entitled, ‘Coming Out’.

Each year college staff organise Respect Week, a festival of diversity with invited speakers, demonstrations, presentations from a range of groups, not only LGBT but also celebrating different nationalities, cultures and groups representing people with disabilities.

“Winning this award shows that D&A College is a welcoming and supportive destination for everyone, said Carlene.

Angela Houghton, of LGBT Youth Scotland, presented the award to D&A College Principal Grant Ritchie.

“Gaining Charter Mark status endorses our commitment to encourage only the best attributes in our students,” said the college principal.

 “Tolerance and acceptance, matched with an understanding attitude can play a huge role in society and must be not only encouraged but enshrined in everything we do at college.”