Going East - D&A exchanges gastronomy knowledge with Bali College

Release Date: 10 October 2017

D&A College has commenced a British Council supported partnership with Politeknik Negeri Bali, an Indonesian college, based in Bali, in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

richard and hosipitality
Lecturers Louisa Kingham, Russell Walker and project leader Richard Faint alongside staff from the PNB college in Bali.

The first stage of the project involves staff exchanges and will involve piloting co-developed gastronomy and eco-tourism courses in each institution. The ultimate aim will be for D&A to assist PNB establish a “Centre for Excellence in Teaching” (CELT) which would service the SE Asian region.

The rationale for that future project is that many teachers in Indonesian colleges (and the region) lack up-to-date skills for the hospitality and travel industry or lack the required technical and/or educational background, therefore the CELT program could provide the necessary training in ‘up to date’ teaching approaches as well as in specialist topics.

Representatives from PNB visited D&A College in June to plan the project activities and sign a MoU. D&A staff visited Bali in August 2017 to take part in a gastronomy  masterclass and to plan the delivery of the tourism modules in Dundee and Bali

“Apart from being interesting to learn about the exotic cultural aspects of Bali, there are sound business reasons for being involved… tourism is big business in the region and education has been highlighted as a growth sector for Indonesia.

There are many opportunities for D&A in the region in the travel and tourism and hospitality sectors, and this partnership should provide students and staff from the College to develop their skills and knowledge of the culture of the country which will bring impart these skills to Tayside eg eco-tourism is a new topic which is becoming increasingly important and could provide the first area for joint working on commercial offerings.” - Richard Faint, International Project Leader