Fuel free of charge

Release Date: 30 March 2017

Staff at D&A College estates department proved bright sparks recently when they acquired three electric vehicles – free of charge!

Electric cars ARTICLE
Jackie Beresford, environmental officer, and Billy Grace with the new cars.

Thanks to grant funding from the CCP (Community Planning Partnership) D&A has taken delivery of three Kia Souls for cross campus travel.

The use of fully electric vehicles for essential travel between the Kingsway, Gardyne and Arbroath Campuses  is set to not only reduce the college’s fuel costs but reduce the D&A carbon footprint.

The funding has allowed D&A to lease the five-door hatchbacks which will be fuelled via the charging points at Arbroath and Gardyne Campuses each of which already have two charge points.

Two more charge points are scheduled for Kingsway Campus and Billy Grace, head of estates, learned recently that the college has successful secured extra funding to install rapid-charge points across the college, courtesy of the Energy Saving Trust Scotland.

The funding is designed to benefit the college and the public at large who are invited to charge their EVs, absolutely free, at the D&A charge points.

The benefits of the new Kias left Billy with no need for soul searching as he pointed out:

“If we save 13p per mile compared with a diesel vehicle we should be £1300.00 in pocket for every 10,000 miles driven, thanks to these EVs.”

“More importantly however, we are making a further positive contribution to reducing our carbon footprint!”

The EV initiative is part of the D&A carbon reduction initiative which has seen the college carbon footprint reduced by 43% since 2010!