Exspires top 6 Vlogging tips

Release Date: 26 January 2018

Certificate in Interactive and Digital Media student Callum Christie (17) has received an incredible amount of support for his YouTube Channel “ Exspires” with recent articles featured by the BBC, STV, The Courier and Dundee Culture.

Callum Christie 2
Image taken by Coral Aston Photography.

This is something Callum would like to develop further and he is soon set to launch his new website “The Exspires Movement,” a networking site for creatives.

We asked Callum if he would mind sharing some of his Vlogging knowledge and he’s kindly provided 6 of his top tips

1. Keep your camera at eye level

“Many new Vloggers make the mistake of holding the camera underneath their face whilst speaking. This can create poor sound quality as built in microphones don’t always have the best pick up range. It can also create poor angles – it’s a well-known fact low angles can make you look fat!”

2. Listen to music when you first start Vlogging

“Walking through areas where there are a lot of people whilst talking to a camera can be really daunting. When I first started Vlogging I’d put my head phones in and listen to music to try and avoid any distractions and focus on the camera.”

3. Know what you’re going to say

“Off the back of my last point – know what you’re going to say. This will help to avoid repeating yourself or getting lost for words and can save a lot of time.”

4. Ask yourself, would I watch this video?

“If the answers no then the chances are not many people will.”

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others

“The Vlogging industry is built on connecting and collaborating. We help and support each other to build a fan base whilst building friendships and sharing ideas in the process.”

6. Be creative

“Think outside the box. If you find your videos are getting repetitive or boring, then delay your next upload and find inspiration elsewhere.”