Ex-postie puts stamp on prize-giving

Release Date: 13 June 2016

A former postie was pleased when he received a letter from D&A College announcing he was to receive a prize.


Mark Gorthy won the seal of approval from his lecturers by winning the Jamie Henderson Award for Best HNC Engineering Student at the D&A prize-giving event in the Webster Theatre, on Monday, June 13.

The single dad spent seven years with Royal Mail, pounding the pavements delivering good news to others and has now been posted best student.

Mark came to college as an adult returner having decided to follow his ambition to become an engineer.

“I come from a family of engineers but managed to mess up getting my qualifications when I was a teenager,” said the 31-year-old.

“So I spent a bit of time after leaving school in jobs I didn’t want before becoming a postman.

“Now I’ve got family I want to set a more positive example so I’m glad of college and this second chance.”

Not only is dad, Mark, learning, so is his 7-year-old son, Aaron.

“Most of the time college operates pretty child-friendly hours so I can spend plenty of time with my son.

“In the run up to my last exam, however, I was studying hard and wee Aaron kept asking me why I seem to be working all the time, so I’ve explained that this is what happens if you don’t stick in at school.

“Hopefully he is getting the message and will jump at every opportunity he has and not waste them like I did.”

Mark is looking forward to returning to D&A College Arbroath Campus after the summer when he intends embarking on his HND.