Cosy jumpers raise cool cash

Release Date: 15 December 2016

When it comes to fund-raising at D&A College there are no woolie-minded ideas, as students demonstrated with their Christmas jumper charity effort.

Love 146 jumpers ARTICLE
Organisers Claire Marshall, front centre left, and Jenna Mitchell, front centre right, with some of their fellow fund-raisers.

In a bid to raise money for international human rights organisation, Love 146, which works to end child trafficking and exploitation, students Claire Marshall and Jenna Mitchell came up with the idea of inviting their classmates to pay just 50p for the right to wear a Christmas jumper to classes.

The pair quickly discovered that fundraising became a push-over with the pullover idea when more than £100 was raised almost immediately.

As well as studying for an advanced certificate health and social care Jenna is vice-president of D&A College Students’ Association but still finds time to volunteer with Love 146 and was quick to support  PDA education support assistance student, Claire, when she came up with the Christmas jumper idea.

“We were really impressed with the turnout and the support shown by the students,” said Jenna.

“While some folk couldn’t find even 50p others were quick to make up the difference.”

Both Claire and Jenna helped found a branch of the charity at D&A College with meetings every fortnight.

To ensure that their fund-raising efforts don’t unravel the Dundee pair are taking the Love 146 charity buckets across the college campuses.