College to lead in dementia care

Release Date: 26 January 2017

D&A College is set to lead a project aimed at designing innovative approaches to caring for people with dementia.

Dementia Erasmus ARTICLE
Delegates and college staff at dementia care kick-off meeting

Delegates from China, Sweden and Spain visited D&A College as part of an Erasmus+ funded initiative that proposes to use art, digital media and other resources to improve professional practice in the care of dementia sufferers.

The college will develop and test learning resources in a bid to break new ground in this area.

Travelling from Linköping, in Sweden, the Vizcaya region of Spain, and Ganzhou, China, 15 delegates arrived at D&A College Gardyne Campus, on Monday, January 23.

Closer to home were two people representing Forth Valley College.

“This ‘kick-off’ meeting will lead to 120 students across four countries, and two continents, creating resources and activities and trialling them in real care settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, care homes and community groups,” said Simon Hewitt, vice-principal

“Successful findings from this project will then be incorporated into the curriculum with a total of 20 teachers and lecturers set to ensure that new knowledge will be passed on.”

D&A staff expect the project to produce, among other things: a comparative study of East and West on the use of multi-media techniques used to treat dementia care, develop and implement a pioneering new curriculum which can be used to fuse together creative media and healthcare and create a bank of resources that can be used throughout the EU and China.

“Finding effective ways of caring for elderly people with dementia is a priority across the western world where as much as 20% of the population can be over 65 and, while at present China does not have this problem, it will in about 30 years,” continued the vice-principal

“The benefits of art therapy for dementia sufferers are well documented and this project aims to discover and refine additional ways to improve care in this sector.

“We have secured NHS Tayside support for this project by monitoring its results and helping find practical placements for students.

“The importance of this project can perhaps be measured by the fact that Chinese delegate, Fuyou Zhong,  travelled more than 10,000 miles for a two-day conference at D&A College, returning home directly after it.”

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