College helps combat child trafficking

Release Date: 27 April 2017

Representatives of Love 146, an international human rights organisation working to end child trafficking and exploitation, supported a student-led event which delivered a learning experience to their classmates and staff at D&A College.

Love 146 Article
From left, student volunteers Claire Marshall, Bethany Kennedy and Lisa Smith. (Courtesy of D C Thomson & Co Ltd ©

Government advisor on child trafficking, Lynne Chitty, the charity’s director of care, and Love 146 operations manager Phil Martin were two of the speakers at ‘One Million Tears’, a ninety-minute presentation exploring the global, national and local aspects of child trafficking and exploitation.

Love 146 has a very active branch at D&A College with meetings every week and branch members organised the event.

“Awareness of child trafficking and exploitation has significant relevance in college, not just in curricular areas where students might have direct contact with young children but in all aspects of college life,” said one of the organisers, Claire Marshall, who is enrolled on the PDA education support assistance course.