Ceilidh class sends students reeling Archive for 2017

Release Date: 15 February 2017

As many as 150 international students at D&A College took steps to indulge in some traditional Scottish culture – undergoing dance lessons prior to a ceilidh.

ceilidh ARTICLE
Putting their best foot forward in a bid to master the Gay Gordons, D&A College ESOL students (from left): Beata Zuralska, of Poland, Spaniard Jesus Aranda, Sashka Gezenchova and Angel Peev, both from Bulgaria, take to the floor, encouraged by their classmates.

A group of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students and their lecturers worked hard to organise the event for their classmates.

There are 320 full-time ESOL students at D&A and 183 part-time, representing about 12 countries worldwide!

The aim of the ceilidh, which takes place at the city chambers is to promote and celebrate Scottish culture and the ESOL students are wholly committed to getting the most out of it – even taking Scottish country dance lessons.

Students enrolled on the HNC fitness, health and exercise programme offered a range of sessions in a bid to guide their colleagues on the ESOL courses through the intricacies of the eightsome reel, Gay Gordons, etc.

Once the students learned how to strip the willow and dash a white sergeant, under the expert tuition of Kelsey Milton, Rachael Lees, Neive Ewing,  Megan Grier, Amy Ironside, Kaitlyn Wilson, Karim Ali, and Matthew Connan, they weren’t confused by a Canadian barn dance nor a Virginia reel taking place in the heart of Scotland!

“As well as being an opportunity to enjoy a real traditional Scottish event the students have been encouraged to use the ceilidh as an opportunity to work together either in nationality groups or in class groups to put on performances of their choice which illustrate their own culture and background,” said lecturer Annabel Murray, one of the organisers.