Baby penguin comes to college! Archive for 2017

Release Date: 3 May 2018

When Dundee and Angus College’s Supported Education students heard they could take part in Maggie’s Penguin Parade they couldn’t believe their luck!

Penguin Group
The students with their baby penguin.

Lecturer Lisa Dunn had contacted the organisers and they invited the group to design and decorate their own baby penguin to join the trail of sculptures on the streets of Dundee and the surrounding region this summer.

Following a design competition for the students, two winners were chosen - Imogen Kitch and Ciara McDonald. 

The group then set to work combining these two designs and incorporating the college colours and logo. Nothing else is being revealed at this stage though as the students want to wait until the penguin has been fully decorated before unveiling their masterpiece!

Imogen says, “I'm delighted that my design was joint first with Ciara's. We are mixing both of them together to make the penguin look unique. I also think it's a good way of expressing art in Dundee and I'm happy that it's going towards Maggie’s.” 

Ciara agrees, “This penguin has inspired me to progress further with my artwork.” 

Meanwhile the team is being encouraged to participate in fundraising for Maggie’s by offering college staff and students the opportunity to suggest a name and date of birth for the penguin.