Art at the cutting edge

Release Date: 2 June 2017

With more than 300 pieces covering a raft of genres, D&A College end-of-year art show at Gardyne Campus truly offers something for everyone.

art exhibition

Representing the work of about 200 students from a range of programmes: including computer arts, textiles, photography, contemporary art practice and 3D design, the show opened on Friday June 2, at 6pm runs till Friday, June 9, 9am-8pm.

This year’s show incorporates a new feature – mannequins to show off garments created by the textile art students.

“We have more garments than ever before and were really pleased to see students utilising subtraction cutting – when the shape of a garment is created by the removal of fabric,” said Dean Robertson, course leader.

“The results of using this technique are best displayed in three dimensions hence the investment in mannequins.”

Visitors to the show can compare the actual 3D exhibits with a fine example of trompe l’oeil, where the artist has created the illusion of three dimensions using realistic imagery.

“Examples of trompe l’oeil can be found all the way back to ancient times yet they still have the power to fascinate,” said Ian Ritchie, course leader.

“We have a particularly good example on show this year representing an old enamel shop sign complete with rust patches – illustrated only in oils.”

From digital photography to 3D design; and animation to oils, the exhibition attracts the attention of employers in art and design each year.

“The event remains an annual fixture among leading figures in the design industry keen to have the show dates in their diary,” said Ian.

“They get the chance to see the standard of work our students are capable of and we get have the chance to receive feedback which helps us maintain the relevance of the course content and develop ideas for the future needs of the industry.

“The end-of-year show is also a poignant occasion however as, after spending the last few years at college, the HND students are set to move on.”