Enterprise Ambassadors

As an organisation with over 18,000 students, it is impossible for a small team to engage with everyone in order to inform them about the enterprise and business start-up opportunities that can be provided to them. However, without this engagement there is a concern that many opportunities and ideas are being lost therefore it is imperative that awareness generation leading to engagement is as strong as possible.
To overcome this, we created Enterprise Ambassadors; members of staff in each department who act as a conduit between the Enterprise team and the staff and student body. Their role is to inform the rest of their department during team meetings of enterprise activities, future workshops as well as opportunities and possibilities for further dissemination by staff present. In the other direction, they identify and signpost potential students towards the enterprise opportunities and help support them through the initial application process.

  1. Create a network of suitable and relevant Enterprise Ambassadors amongst staff in each and every department.
  2. Request recommendations for Enterprise Ambassadors from Heads of Department.