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YES Bridge 2 Business Entrepreneurial College of the Year

Enterprise Annual Report Nov17 coverThe Enterprise@D&A project ran for over 15 months and was made possible through European Structural Funding granted by the Scottish Government.  This funding enabled Dundee and Angus College to work in co-operation and collaboration with all project stakeholders, comprising of subject matter experts, business partners, industry, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and public authorities etc., to successfully deliver and meet the aims and objectives of the project which concentrated on but was not limited to:

•    Drive, promote and embed entrepreneurial skills and activities (creative thinking and doing) into the curriculum at every level
•    Engage with indigenous businesses;
•    Increase the number of new start-up businesses;
•    Improve enterprise formation and growth rates;
•    Provide access to finance, entrepreneurship, and ecommerce and resource efficiency;
•    Foster a mind-set of entrepreneurship in the student population
•    Provide added value to the student population which opens up new employment options on completion of their vocational programmes
•    Play a key role in job creation across the region
•    Undertake Lecturer development to further embed enterprise into the curriculum

The Enterprise@D&A project has been an extremely exciting time for the college, its students and staff which has resulted in a high level of positive enterprise engagements across all 13 academic areas and throughout the three campuses.

The decision to establish the dedicated incubator facility and the different strands of activities, events and workshops we were able to provide has inspired the next generation of entrepreneurs within the college.


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