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National 5 Applications of Mathematics (2019/20)

Course Content

Covers many different areas including numeracy, geometry & measures and managing finance & statistics. Comprising three units of delivery with an external exam in May.

The course can be delivered during the evening or by Distance Learning

Our Distance Learning course will be split into 2 parts - Preparation for National 5 Applications of Maths (Aug-Jan) and National 5 Applications of Maths (Jan-May) - learners must progress and achieve on the Preparation course to be allowed entry to part 2.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to improve their numeracy & mathematical ability and/or achieve a minimum level of mathematics required for certain career options such as social work. National 5 Applications of Maths is a challenging course, and should only be undertaken by applicants who are already secure in their understanding of percentages, ratios, fractions, areas and volumes.

Entry Requirements

National 4 Maths or National 4 Lifeskills Maths or Standard Grade 3/4 or Intermediate 1 Maths grade C or above. Entry to the course may also be subject to successful completion of a test.

Future Prospects

May be required for progression to university for some social work courses. It may also be accepted for some PGDE courses, however please check first with the relevant university.


Internal assessment and external examination. All learners must achieve a satisfactory mark in the prelim exam in order to be presented for the final exam.




SCQF Level: 5

How to Apply

How Where When Fee
Distance Learning X 26 Aug 19 £480.00 Apply Online
Evenings/Weekends Gardyne Campus 29 Aug 19 £480.00 Apply Online
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