Shopping List

Enterprise D&A

  • £20,000 covers seed-funding for up to 20 community businesses through events and competitions, including Enterprise Dragons.
  • £25,000 runs our Enterprise D&A Business Incubator facility offering valuable services and mentoring for up to 100 businesses.
  • £5000 covers our Enterprise D&A professional seminars and workshops.

D&A Sports Union

  • £10,000 pays for sports equipment for our competitive sports teams including our disability provision and Tayside and Fife Special Olympics events.
  • £5,000 pays for all travel costs associated with our competitive sports appearances.
  • £2,500 pays for our health & well-being programme supporting students with their physical and emotional health.

Supported Education

  • £15,000 pays for a "real" bespoke entrepreneurship programme enabling children with learning difficulties to advance their learning.
  • £20,000 runs our support service offering essential skills and alternative educational approaches to enable learning and development for students with learning difficulties.
  • £8,000 runs the Temptations Café offering cash handling, barista, food preparation & hygiene, and customer service skills for students with learning difficulties.


  • £5,000 covers the costs of running the CommuniTay community bus.
  • £10,000 provides learning resources, man power, taster sessions and workshops to the community via CommuniTay.
  • £10,000 runs the CommuniTay health & well-being programme for one year, offering personal coaching, healthy eating programmes and workshops, and free vegetables.

Employability D&A

  • £30,000 provides an access-style training course for one cohort of mature job seekers needing to upskill, change profession, or retrain.
  • £1,000 funds our Employability Support Group and dissemination of Employability resources.
  • £5,000 pays for mentoring for one cohort.