SCQF Level 7

Semester 1 - DNA Genetics
Semester 2 - Cell Biology

DNA Genetics
This unit is designed to enable pupils to learn about and gain experience in the laboratory techniques of DNA and Genetics.  Pupils will cover a number of areas in the DNA and Genetics field such as the cell cycle, how these events are controlled and what happens if it goes wrong. The events involved in meiosis and mitosis will also be covered and how these can give rise to genetic variation within a species.  Pupils will look at gene expression, along with the impact of the environment on gene expression and study inheritance, which will consist of solving various genetic problems.  Pupils will learn about population genetics and solve problems relating to frequency of genes in population. Pupils will also investigate what can affect the frequency of an allele within a population. In addition to the theory of genetics you will be carrying out a number of practical experiments such as PCR, gel electrophoresis and restriction digests and investigating how they are used by researchers and forensic scientists today in labs around the world.

Cell Biology
In this unit, you will learn, in more detail, the components and function of the cell membrane. Pupils will learn about the role of the cytoskeleton in the cell and will discover how proteins are folded and transported to the cell surface when synthesised as well as the fate of proteins synthesised in the cytoplasm. In addition, pupils will cover how proteins are targeted for destruction. Pupils will then focus on how cells communicate with each other and learn about the many disease conditions which arise due to problems in signalling. There will also be an opportunity to carry out some practical work related to cell biology such as Gram staining and identification of organelles using Electron micrographs.

These units are part of the HNC Applied Sciences framework. Successful completion of these units, along with the appropriate Highers, will allow progression onto the HNC Applied Science/ HND Applied Biological Sciences course at Dundee and Angus College or entry into a Life Science degree.

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