Showing Hollywood how it’s done

Release Date: 10 March 2017

After the embarrassment of the Oscars, a group of D&A College students aim to move into the movie business and do things properly.

film Fest ARTICLE
Some of the organisers for the D&A College One Laugh Away Comedy Short Film Festival, from left - Molly Peters, Amy Brown, Chloe McMillan (with clapper board), Kyle White and Rhys Mair.

As part of their course, 10 students on the lifeskills plus programme are staging an international film festival and are currently collating entries.

One Laugh Away Comedy Short Film Festival 2017, is a social enterprise designed to give the students employment skills and has already had a number of submissions from all over the world, including Canada, Lithuania, Spain, France and even the USA – though not from Hollywood.

Lecturer Graeme Carr has an interest in making films and when he suggested organising a film festival the students jumped at the chance.

“We all agreed that this initiative was a complete change from other enterprise projects,” explained the lecturer.

“We are using Film Freeway, an on-line platform which oversee festivals on a world-wide basis and through them we receive our submissions.”

“The group decided on a nominal fee for entrants but all student submissions are free.”

The D&A students are promoting One Laugh Away through social media and are currently setting up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts experience which fits well with the marketing and event planning unit of their course.

Any budding film-makers should seek out the submissions page on the college website, .

While Graeme initially vets the submitted movies to ensure they fit the category requirments - English or English subtitled, family-friendly comedy – the students rule on what will and what won’t be included in the final festival.

“While clearly this is a pilot scheme, we are hoping to see it grow in years to come – involving other areas of the college and indeed, maybe developing partnerships with outside organisations,” said the lecturer.

The finale to this initiative is a screening event on April 19 in Enterprise Centre at Arbroath Campus, running from 6.30-8.30. Tickets will go on sale by the middle of March.