D&A mugging up for coffee morning

Release Date: 27 October 2016

Staff and students at D&A College raised a grand sum of cash for cancer support through a number of events.

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Micholla Finnegan and Kelsey Orrock serve up a winner in the cash-raising stakes.

Hospitality students at the Arbroath Campus caused a stir by raising £276.56 at their Macmillan Coffee Morning at Café 56.

Around 30 students were involved in organising and running the event which proved good experience for them as the café is open for coffees and breakfast rolls from 9.30-11am each weekday except Thursday and lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12noon-1.30pm. To book contact Kirsty Anderson on (01241) 432612.

Kelsey Orrock and Micholla Finnegan, of the D&A external relations team, also proved they were no mugs when it came to organising a coffee morning.

The pair welcomed staff to a charity event aimed to coincide with the opening of their refurbished office at the Kingsway Campus.

Having cajoled colleagues to contribute cakes, bake brownies, and provide pastries, Kelsey and Micholla raised £340.

D&A science lecturers swapped Bunsen burners for baking trays as they organised a unique coffee morning event.

Taking place at the Kingsway Campus science block, science staff experimented with the timing of their event – running it over three days to ensure maximum attendance by both staff and students!

A “text to donate” code was also incorporated so those who could not attend could still contribute.

“Our team has very recently been touched by cancer so we hoped to raise as much money as possible over the three days,” said organiser Elaine McGinnis.

The science team’s efforts brought raised £359.43, £25 of which was donations made using the ‘text to donate’ code.