College serves up WW2 rations

Release Date: 21 February 2014

There was a war-time theme at D&A College Kingsway Campus today when more than 40 primary school pupils had the chance to sample the sort of food mums served up to families during the days of rationing.

wartime rations
Maia Lambourn and Connor Jenkins experience the taste of wartime rations at D&A College Kingsway Campus

The pupils, from St Andrew’s PS, have been doing projects on both the Great War and WWII, in class and D&A College staff hospitality and catering staff were delighted to welcome them to an authentic 1940’s meal.

Having decked KC Café Bar in patriotic bunting to get the P7 children in the right mood, staff and hospitality students served up corned beef fritters, mock fish cakes, veggie turnovers and sausage stovies.

And the pupils’ verdict: a bit mixed.

“Strange taste at first but I kind of liked the veggie turnover,” said 11-year-old Maia Lambourn.

While classmate, Connor Jenkins (11) was a bit more forthright, stating: “It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be!”