Plans for session 2020/2021

Following publication of the Scottish Government ‘route map’ out of the current lockdown arrangements, the following plans and arrangements have been confirmed for the College for session 2020/2021.

The College is planning to be open for some face-to-face teaching and service delivery from August 2020, although this will be limited and remote working and strict physical distancing will remain in place for all of us in the foreseeable future.

To support the work required for reopening, the College has adopted the following high-level principles. These will be used to support the changes we will need to make to our learning, teaching, service delivery and campuses.

  1. The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff, students and visitors is of paramount importance at all times.

  2. Ongoing reference will be made to the most up to date Scottish Government endorsed scientific advice and guidance. Guidance from the Scottish Government four-phase approach will inform specific timescales and this national guidance will underpin, and be used to inform, clear decisions making.

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for college educational settings through Scottish Government or Health and Safety Executive guidance (and for specific vocational activities where appropriate) will be available.

  4. Plans and arrangements will take due account of required approaches for social distancing, shielding and engagement with the Scottish Government Test and Protect Strategy.

Significant work will be completed prior to our reopening to ensure that these principles are met, and some important early decisions have already been taken. These are important changes and all 2020/21 students, employers and other stakeholders should be aware of these plans from August 2020 onwards. 

  • Where possible, units, courses and services will be delivered remotely. We are working hard to implement this change and to ensure that the quality of what we offer remains high.  We are also looking at opportunities to improve on-line access for our students.
  • Where remote delivery isn’t possible (for example in practical subject areas) then delivery on-site will be planned, but this will be limited to around one day per week in College, with physical distancing arrangements in place. This may differ depending on the needs of the course.
  • Some student groups and courses will begin from 11 August 2020, but we will implement a staggered start, with the start dates of the majority of our full-time courses delayed until week beginning 21 September 2020.

The College will get in touch with all students for session 2020/2021 to advise them of what the new start and end dates for their course will be. We will also confirm this with employers, stakeholders and others as required.

  • Changes and adaptions are being made to College campuses to ensure safety and support physical distancing.
  • Further information will be provided to students, employers and other stakeholders over the summer so that you are clear around the final arrangements that will apply for the start of your course

These are significant plans for the College and will take a number of weeks to be fully developed and implemented. We are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide excellent opportunities for the Angus and Dundee communities in a safe and secure way.

It is inevitable that the fine detail of arrangements and guidance will change before August, and further updates will be provided as information becomes known. A set of Frequently Asked Questions are also available and will be updated as arrangements develop.

If you are a current applicant for a course in 2020/21, or are thinking about applying, and have specific queries, our usual range of support and guidance opportunities remain open and are available to help:

We have collated answers to the most common questions we are being asked to help provide some reassurance.

COVID-19 update FAQ