First Fellowship Award

At a time when the world is increasingly divided by people’s political views, it is heart-warming to see one special relationship which crosses continents and continues to grow from strength to strength.


The bond between Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) in Alexandria and Dundee and Angus College has been built over the last 10 years giving learners and staff a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop friendships that extend far beyond the classroom experience.

Dundee twinned with Alexandria, Virginia in 1962, and the Dundee Alexandria Twinning Association (DATA) supports the link. Many Dundonians have crossed the pond to the USA to visit our twin city which stands on the western banks of the Potomac River and is just six miles from the White House in Washington.

D&A College and NOVA have similar missions with both committed to preparing their learners for happy and productive lives. Throughout the years, they have worked together on many exciting projects and organised many student internships which have had a positive and lasting effect on young people’s lives.

Dr Jimmie McClellan, Dean of Liberal Arts at North Virginia Community College, has been the driving force in developing this unique partnership and to recognise the huge part he has played in building and maintaining this great link, D&A College is bestowing on him its first ever ‘D&A Fellowship Award’.

A special Thanksgiving Dinner, hosted by the Dundee Alexandria Twinning Association, took place where Simon Hewitt, Vice Principal (Curriculum & Attainment) at D&A College, bestowed this honour and thanked Dr McClellan for the fantastic work he has done in enriching the lives of so many.

Mr Hewitt summed up this successful partnership: “We are very proud of our longstanding relationship with both the Dundee Alexandria Twinning Association and Northern Virginia Community College. Over the years this relationship has seen many benefits to both students and staff on both sides of the Atlantic and it has broadened horizons, enhanced knowledge and offered opportunities. Dr McClellan has been a driving force in championing this partnership and he has actively encouraged new and exciting ways in which to keep us connected and continually learning from each other.”