Arbroath’s Goat Talent

Have these Covid times got your goat? Well, here’s some news, it’s got ours too and we’re absolutely delighted.

Thanks to a new partnership with the wonderfully innovative and ethical producers at Lunan Bay Farm, we now have a herd of Boer and Scottish Cashmere goats chowing down on the overgrown scrub at our outdoor learning facility at the Glebe in Arbroath.

These aren’t just any old goats; not only do they provide a source of nutrient-dense, sustainable meat, they’re helping to save home-grown Scottish cashmere and moonlighting as the mistresses of conservation, by selectively browsing woody plants and encouraging regeneration of the delicate woodland flowers.

So, they’re busy, as is their owner, goat expert Jillian McEwan. But we’re extremely delighted to report that she’s coming to our Arbroath campus this Friday 13 November to give a talk at 10 am, both online and in-person, to our socially distanced students and school pupils.

The talk is one of a series which our Landbased lecturer, Peter Beattie has organised to showcase the modern world of agriculture to our students. If you’d like to know more you can reach Peter on