Apprentices share success

Dundee and Angus College’s Partnership with Shared Apprenticeship Ltd has shown its first signs of success as the first ever Shared Apprentices in construction gathered to celebrate successfully completing their MA qualification. 

The Shared Apprenticeship Scheme is the first of its kind in Scotland. Unlike other apprenticeships, the scheme covers the cost of the apprentices during their time at college with employers only needing to cover their wages whilst the apprentice is on site.

This unique set up not only gives small and medium sized employers the opportunity to take on apprentices, but it also helps to combat youth unemployment by providing young people a direct line to work.

What is even more special is all of the apprentices who have completed their MA have successfully gained full-time employment, many accepting positions with the employers who had previously taken them on as apprentices.

Speaking on the success of the scheme, Grant Wilson of Sturrocks Joinery says, “We are more than happy with the Shared Apprentice Scheme. It has given us a brilliant apprentice and at the end of it we have a fully qualified joiner.”

Graeme Davies of Pert Bruce Construction could not agree more, “Shared Apprentice is a fantastic operation as it is giving more young people an opportunity to get into construction.”

Kevin Murphy, Director of Curriculum & Attainment at Dundee and Angus College (also Chair and Director of Shared Apprentice Ltd (SAL)) says, “This is a wonderful achievement that all of our first cohort of Shared Apprentices have gained full-time employment now that they have completed their apprenticeships. We have had 50 apprentices across construction and the USP of Shared Apprentice Ltd is that as a company SAL has 50 employees – all of the 50 are apprentices. We could not have done this without the excellent partnership between D&A College, Angus Council and Dundee City Council, Pert Bruce, Andrew Shepherd Construction, and Robertson Construction and support from CITB and SDS.