Current Participants

deli datesDeliciously Dates - was driven by the need to introduce healthy snacks in a world of over-processed foods. Usman Razzak’s family made it their mission to develop pure and healthy snack food alternatives with a focus on quality, flavour and nutrition. Deliciously Dates was established in  Dundee and they began crafting their handmade products and sold them at local food markets, events, festivals and fairs.
“We are highly impressed by the state-of-the-art office space at Gardyne Campus. It has certainly helped our business to flourish. What make the incubator unique is the continued support for new start-ups, whether through business mentoring offered by Lol and the rest of the team or workshops.”
Usman Razzak, Deliciously Dates

JustJudithDesign is developing YourWeePal, a Scottish doll aimed at the tourist and collector markets. In addition to this new product, the business also continues to create and sell its craft products within the local area.

karen hKaren Hamilton is in the fashion and textiles business. A bespoke dressmaker creating clothing that is designed with the customer in mind, everything Karen produces is made-to-measure. She offers a unique service that means the outfit is made to fit the customer rather than a generic size that does not exist. Karen also provides an alterations service.

“Being based in the incubator has been a fantastic opportunity for me and I have a great space to work in. I have access to support and advice through workshops, Elevator and staff based in the incubator. It has enabled me to have a strong start in a place where I can develop my ideas and business with support.”
Karen Hamilton

Commercial Clients

Client Services
Providing bespoke training services including in the Driving Test Theory area, the company currently rent one of the offices within our Incubator facility.

Talbot Chartered Surveyors
Based in Aberdeen, the company found they needed some space in Dundee and found our Incubator facility fit their needs perfectly.

The Yard
The Yard run adventure play services for disabled children, young people and their families in the east of Scotland. They offer disabled children and their siblings the chance to experience creative, adventurous indoor and outdoor play in a well-supported environment. Based from Edinburgh, they now have an office presence in Dundee within our facility.

A family-owned and locally-operated facilities management company who are continuing to expand their business in the north east of Scotland. They have recently brought in a Marketing Manager to supplement their existing workforce and help grow and further develop the business.