PDA in Sociology

Course Content

Learners will examine the foundations of sociology and the historical and social context surrounding the development of sociology as a discipline. 

The influence of events such as the Enlightenment, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution are discussed. The key ideas of Mills' (1959) The Sociological Imagination and what is means to think sociologically are examined. 

Different ways of examining society are also considered, focusing initially on macro and micro models of society then exploring key sociological theories and concepts in more detail. The relationship between individuals and wider society/social structures is scrutinised. Theoretical knowledge is then applied to a range of different sociological topics (for example, schooling and education, crime and deviance and social stratification). 

Theoretical debates on these topics are explored and a range of research studies are critically evaluated. Candidates will use their knowledge of relevant theory to examine whether these studies support or refute particular theories and to critically evaluate the methodological approaches of the studies.

This course could be part-funded with SAAS part-time fee grant.


Entry Requirements

As this course is at SCQF level 7 (first year undergraduate level) applicants are required to demonstrate an ability to work at this academic level.  This can be through proven prior study, employment and workplace practice or through a diagnostic assessment undertaken at college prior to entry.

Method of Assessment

Combination of open and closed book assessment as required by the awarding body (SQA).

Future Prospects

Opportunity to progress to other PDAs at SCQF levels 7 in other social sciences such as history, politics and psychology.

Studying Social Science can open the door to an extensive range of courses and professional careers particularly those requiring an undergraduate degree. 

These include Social Sciences, Criminology and Sociology at University of Abertay; Applied Social Science at RGU; Social Science, History and Politics, Sociology and Criminology, Sociology and Politics, Scottish History/History at UHI; Social Sciences with the Open University; Anthropology, History, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Geography at the University of Aberdeen.

Course Overview
  • Study Type

    Part-Time Evening/Weekends

  • Campus

    Gardyne Campus

  • Start Date

    04 Feb 2020

  • SCQF Level


  • Duration


  • Course Fee

    All course fees are reviewed annually, and subject to change. Published fees apply to the courses mode of delivery.

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