Effective Stress and Time Management

Course Content

This one-day course will examine the issue of stress due to poor time management. Participants will develop increased awareness of the causes and symptoms of stress and learn new strategies to minimise the effect of stress on both the individual and the organisation. In addition, through practical exercises and examination of proven time management tools and techniques, participants will develop the ability to plan and prioritise effectively to achieve results.
Course Outline:
1. Introduction: Understanding Time and Stress Problems
  • How the modern business environment affects how we work - “Too much to do and too little time”
2. Time Management
  • To be aware of how individual behavioural styles influence the way they manage their time – Where does the time go?
  • Candidates identify their own particular time wasters and adopt strategies for eliminating them from their work pattern
  • Identify techniques on how to deal with the burden of email (and phone, meetings ...), how to cope with interruptions, how to deal with procrastination
  • Saying “NO” - Establishing when to say “No”, How to refuse demands appropriately, Eliminating non-essentials from daily working pattern
  • “Sorting out your priorities” – Urgent versus Important
  • Candidates will assemble a collection of practical time-management techniques and strategies that they can use to take control of their time
3. Stress Management
  • Understanding Stress – What is pressure; what is stress? Good/bad stress. Understanding the link between stress and work performance
  • Identifying Stressors - Causes and effects of pressure and stress
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms of stress candidates stress reactions and coping mechanisms – How can candidates recognise stress in themselves
  • Establish model for handling stress & stress Management Techniques, practical tips on managing stress & stress busters
The course will be delivered in a format that blends various learning styles/methodologies and stimulates changes in behaviours after the course. Typically this involves a mix of trainer lead insight, candidate participation, team activities and practical exercises. Our trainers are experienced in creating a positive learning environment where participants feel comfortable in sharing experiences and practising skills.
Course Overview
  • Study Type

    Part-Time Day

  • Campus

    Gardyne Campus

  • Start Date

    27 May 2020

  • SCQF Level


  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Course Fee

    All course fees are reviewed annually, and subject to change. Published fees apply to the courses mode of delivery.

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