British Sign Language (BSL) Stage 2

Course Content

This 32-week course follows on from the British Sign Language Level One (SCQF 4) qualification. You will develop more advanced skills and techniques in BSL with a particular focus on:


¨ BSL grammar/structure

¨ Phonology (how a sign is formed – handshape, orientation, location and movement)

¨ Indexical signs (pronouns, determiners etc.)

¨ Syntax (sign order)

¨ Indexical signs (pronouns, determiners etc.)

¨ Signing space and sign fluency

¨ Number categories, eg counting, time, weight, height, measurement etc.

¨ Aspect – (mood and manner).

¨ Mouthing/mouth gestures

¨ Non-manual features/markers – eg eye gaze, aperture, affirmation and negation, neck/shoulder movement  

¨ Cultural etiquette and language use

You will focus on topics such as:

¨ Personal identity

¨ Employment

¨ Current affairs

¨ Social environment

¨ Physical environment

¨ Health and well-being

Entry Requirements

Completion of the British Sign Language (BSL) Level One at SCQF 4 or equivalent.

Method of Assessment

Qualification is through continuous assessment. We will use video recording where appropriate and you will be given regular homework tasks and progress checks.

Future Prospects

Successful students may move into related employment or continue their studies through other accrediting organisations.

Course Overview
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