British Sign Language (BSL) Stage 2

Course Content

This interactive course will cover the following elements:

  • BSL grammar/structure (constructing sign sentences)
  • Phonology (HOLME - how a sign is formed – handshape, orientation, location and movement)
  • Indexical signs (pronouns, determiners etc.)
  • Syntax (sign order)
  • Signs in a range of contexts
  • Signing space and sign fluency
  • Number categories, eg counting, time, weight, height, measurement etc.
  • Aspect – (mood and manner).
  • Mouthing/mouth gestures
  • Cultural etiquette and language use (eg turn-taking, attracting attention, social acceptability, taboos) 

Entry Requirements

Students need to have a knowledge of BSL and hold a SQA BSL qualification at level 4 or equivalent.

Method of Assessment

Continuing practical and written assessments and homework tasks leading to SQA assessments at level 5.

Course Overview
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