Digital Technology

Why study Digital Technology at D&A College?

The computing and creative media department offers an innovative portfolio to suit the diverse nature of this sector. Courses include computer networking, software development, digital design and web development, cyber security and games development. Subjects within some of these programs include data analytics, ethical hacking, project management, digital forensics and data security.

All classrooms have cutting edge technology, and some are designed as dedicated industry hubs which include Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle. Each have specialised software and hardware to allow learners to experiment, study and become familiar with the programs, features and usage of these industry requirements. There is also a designated Women in STEM classroom to provide a safe and supportive space.

To prepare you for a career in this fast-moving industry we have a range of partners who not only input into the development of our courses but who also provide ongoing mentoring and support. Ninja Kiwi and MTC Media, two local companies with an international presence, support two classrooms helping to ensure our graduates are leaving college with relevant industry skills and experience.

Our learners also have access to a wide range of industry-led workshops, lectures, placements, recruitment events and exciting industry competitions such as GamesJam, Webathon and Robot Wars.

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