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‘Magic’ Bus On the Road to Helping Students and Disadvantaged Alike

Music events, magic shows, healthy eating pop up restaurants – you name it, D&A are planning to  host them, thanks to our latest business venture, the CommuniTay bus.

The bus has been bought as part of a multi-faceted project to give a whole range of students valuable business experience and then use the proceeds to help promote education in our more disadvantaged areas.

communitay bus 2

This CommuniTay Bus is a follow on from our highly successful food education service for marginalised communities. Sponsorship Officer, Alexandra Harnett explains,

“The bus concept means our students can not only renovate and redesign the vehicle, they can practice their marketing, catering and sport training and horticultural skills to help raise money to support the community education side of things.”

The hope is that with some hard work and business know-how, the bus can become self-sustaining and become part of a long-term solution to poverty and illness in disadvantaged communities.

If you like the sound of this project to help disadvantaged communities and would like to offer some expertise or financial backing then please do get in touch with either or

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