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Modern Apprenticeship – Business Administration

Nicole Whitton“What could be better than getting paid to learn?”

As one of Scotland’s leading law firms, Thorntons has impressive credentials including some of the country’s top lawyers. But behind that is an equally skilled administration team who play a vital role in supporting and augmenting the legal service provided by the firm.

Administrative Supervisor and trainee paralegal, Cat McCann is one of the company’s success stories. A bright individual who chanced upon the role of legal secretary and took to it with aplomb. But despite the rewards of the job, Cat says it is difficult to find staff to fill this role.

“For an office like this to function we need trained legal secretaries. In my view it’s a fantastic job, both interesting and challenging, but to find somebody with the ability and the right skills can often be a real struggle. Quite frankly, a good legal secretary is like gold dust.”

That was where Dundee and Angus College were able to step forward with their Modern Apprenticeship scheme and Nicole Whitton.

Nicole had left school with no clear idea of which direction she wanted to go. But after hearing of the success stories of friends who had embarked on the MA scheme, she decided to approach the College’s Employability Manager, Tom Black.

“Nicole was an exceptional candidate and I had no hesitation in suggesting her as a Modern Apprentice in Business Administration to Thorntons.”

“We are indeed delighted with Nicole, says Cat McCann. Her performance has been brilliant. Not only does she pick things up very quickly, she just fits in to the team so well. She has made our lives so easy”

Thorntons admin team and the College now work hand in hand to ensure Nicole completes her assessments.

“The college has been very flexible in terms of creating a programme for Nicole and we are always sure to check in weekly to make sure that we are complying with all requirements”

For Nicole herself, it’s been an unbelievable start to her career.

“From coming out of school with no idea what to do, to working AND studying with Thorntons is a dream come true. What could be better than getting paid to learn?”