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Modern Apprenticeship – Accounting

Barbara ToughWhen Barbara Tough applied for a Modern Apprenticeship, she had already spent 13 years in the police and had impressive educational credentials.

Still, Barbara felt she hadn’t achieved what she wanted to. She yearned after a career in accountancy and felt she wanted to augment her degree with some accountancy training.  Yet completing an Accounting Technician course at Dundee and Angus College was going to take more money and mean even more time out of the workplace.

“I went ahead with applying for the Accounting Technician course, but what really changed my world around was being singled out as a good candidate for a Modern Apprenticeship.”

Barbara may not have been familiar with the concept, but the reality of an MA was of huge benefit. Firstly, her fees were paid, secondly she received unparalleled support and thirdly, it gave her a valuable boost in confidence.

“I think that without the MA I would not have made such great strides both socially and professionally. Having left one career due to ill health, my self-belief had taken a bit of a knock, but it was amazing what this seal of approval meant to me. Not only did I rise to the role of Student Vice President at the Gardyne Campus, I won a national award for my Student Contribution. As a viable alternative to Further Education, I for one couldn’t recommend it more.”

Barbara has now accomplished her goal of a career in accountancy by being employed by D&A College in the Finance Department on a permanent contract.