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Time Course all other Full Time Course applications are


Reserve Unconditional Offer

The course is full and you have been placed on a

Reserve List, if a place becomes available then we will send

you an Unconditional Offer.


You have started but not yet submitted an application


You have cancelled your application by deleting it.

We are arranging an

interview/information session for

you and will email you the details

We have checked your application and will be inviting you

in for an interview/information session soon.

We are considering your

application but cannot give you a

decision at this time

We are still reviewing your application.

We are reviewing your application

and will be in touch soon

Application has been checked and passed to the academic

team to see if they want to invite you in for an

interview/information session.

We have arranged an interview for

you and emailed you with details

An interview has been arranged for you and the details

have been sent to you.

We need your reference and/or

proof of qualifications

We are waiting to receive this documentation from you to

allow us to progress your application. Submit your

documents by post, email or the online document uploader.