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You can only accept


unconditional Offer. Once you ACCEPT an Unconditional offer, any other

applications you have will be CANCELLED and removed from the system. If you have applied for other

courses and do not yet know the outcome of these applications, you may wish to wait until you hear

about these other courses. If you are happy to ACCEPT this offer and cancel the other applications,

please select YES. If you want to wait until the result of any other applications are known then please

select NO and make your decision once you have the outcome of all applications.

If you want to reject your offer, click

Reject Offer. Please note that once you reject an offer the

application and offer are cancelled for this course and you will have to contact us if you change your

mind, an Offer can only be re-instated if there are still places available on the course.

I’ve been given a Reserve Place Offer what does this mean?

The course is full and we cannot offer you a place at this time, you have been put on a Reserve

List. If/when places become available then we would change your offer from a Reserve

Conditional or Reserve Unconditional to a Conditional or Unconditional Offer. We intend to

review all reserve list offers in mid-June and will contact you at that time to either let you

know that a place is available for you and if not, then you will be asked if you would like your

application to remain on the Reserve List to see if places do become available nearer the start

date of the course.