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Offered a Place

When will I know if I’ve got a place or not?

For applications received during the peak recruitment period (January to May) we intend to invite you

for selection appointments within 4 weeks of you submitting your application and we intend to notify

you the outcome of the selection appointment 4 weeks after you attend. In some cases our decision

may take slightly longer, for example if we have to discuss your application with external agencies

(where your course involves a placement).

If you are unable to attend for the first selection appointment date provided, then this may increase

the length of time you have to wait for a decision on your application to be made.

Decisions times on applications received after the peak recruitment period will vary depending on a

number of factors e.g. staff availability over the holiday period for selection appointments, however

we will try at all times to meet the timescales given above.

I’ve received an offer, what do I do?

There are several types of offers – Conditional, Unconditional, Reserve List Conditional and Reserve

List Unconditional (explanations of these are on “My application status has changed but I don’t know

what it means” pages). When you receive an Offer the status of your application will change to show

this and the Accept Offer and Reject Offer links will show on the Home Page.

You must reply to an Offer as soon as possible, either by accepting it or rejecting it (see below).

How do I accept or reject an offer?

Follow the link in the email we have sent you or log into your account and on the Home Page you will

see the Accept Offer and Reject Offer options next to the course(s) for which an offer has been made

to you. To accept, click on Accept Offer.

You can accept as many Conditional Offers as you like – this will not affect the status of your other