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Selection Appointments

Will I have to attend an Interviews/Group Assessments/Information Session?

Some courses hold these, some don’t. Where there is no formal face-to-face selection process, entry

is by set criteria – this is normally a set of qualifications which you must achieve/or be hoping to

achieve, and a satisfactory reference. What you’ve told us in your Personal Statement will also be used

when considering your application for the course.

I you are attending selection appointment we’ll let you know what to expect in the letter inviting you

to attend.

What will happen at this appointment?

This will depend on the course you have applied for.

Some courses hold individual interviews where you will meet with the Course Leader and/or staff

within that curriculum area, who will tell you about the course, ask you questions about your aims

and ambitions and assess whether you are right for the course and the course is right for you.

In some cases you may have to complete a written assessment/diagnostic test/values exercise. This

is to check that you have the correct skills level to complete the course successfully and to ensure that

the course you are applying for is right for you.

Some courses hold Information Sessions where groups of applicants can come along and meet each

other, find out about the course, view the college facilities, meet the staff and generally find out what

college life is like, you may also be required to complete a diagnostics test/values exercise at this


Dance/Music applicants may be invited for audition, Sports students undertake fitness testing.

Details about your selection appointment and anything you have to bring with you will be emailed to

you if/when you are invited to attend.