Stay Safe, Party On!

Respect and Support at Radio 1 Big Weekend with D&A College!

Are you gearing up for Radio 1 Big Weekend and looking forward to a weekend of non-stop music and entertainment? We don't blame you! However, as much as we all want to have a great time, it's important to stay safe and look after ourselves and each other. That's where D&A College comes in - we're here to provide sign-posting support and help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at the festival.

This page is your one-stop for accessing support and advice throughout the weekend on a range of issues, including:

  • Drugs and alcohol: You can access information on the risks and effects of drugs and alcohol, and help you make informed choices to keep yourself safe at:
  • Sexual health: You can access advice and support on sexual health issues, including contraception and STI testing at:
  • Mental health: We understand that festivals can be overwhelming, and you can access support and guidance here if you're feeling anxious or stressed:
  • Personal safety: You can access tips and advice on how to stay safe at the festival, including staying with friends, looking after your belongings, and avoiding dangerous situations here:

We believe that everyone deserves to have a great time at Radio 1 Big Weekend, and we're committed to helping make that happen while keeping you safe and healthy. So, if you need support or advice during the festival - we're here to help!