Mission, Vision, Values & Ambitions

Our Mission

"To generate regional economic growth and social well-being through the provision of skills and education for individuals, employers and the wider community.”

Our Vision

"Leading Learning, Inspiring Success"

Our Values

  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Success

Our Ambitions

By 2020 we want to be seen as a vibrant, dynamic and confident college that inspires success in its students and staff, delivers outstanding performance, and is highly regarded and sought after by partners, employers and the wider community.

In order to achieve this vision we aim:

  • To develop confident, successful learners who are inspired by their learning experience, achieve their full potential and are actively sought by employers
  • To have a major impact on regional and national economic success
  • To be highly valued and trusted by all who work with us
  • To have staff who are excellent at what they do and are proud and happy to work here
  • To create learning spaces and facilities that are dynamic, inviting and inspire success
  • To deliver innovative and exciting technology solutions that widen access, transform learning and enhance work
  • To ensure financial sustainability and generate significant funds for future investment