What makes a good digital portfolio?

This project will research the reason why and find motivation methods for students to complete their digital portfolio and keep it up-to-date. 

In addition, we will research the reasons why some employment organisations hardly use portfolios within their hiring policy and give them reasons to use them.

Traditionally, skills and competences which are gained during education are rewarded with certificates or diplomas. An advantage of this ‘proof of being competent’ is that employers are familiar with this method and know how to understand it.

The disadvantages however, are numerous. It shows that the applicant fulfils the minimum requirements, but not the extras which enrich the core competences. Next to this it reflects the skills and competences in a certain moment of time, but how do we register and recognise this during the ‘Life Long Learning process’?

These extras and skills can be gathered and shown in a portfolio and since we don’t want to walk around with loads of paper, it needs to be digital. Although the advantages of digital portfolios are numerous, they are not commonly used in real life practice. Why is this?

This will result in the following project outcomes:

  1. Evaluation criteria of a good digital portfolio promoting employment and career;
  2. Analysis of company criteria for a useful digital competence portfolio which facilitates staff recruitment;
  3. An education and training concept for teachers to instruct learners in how to produce their own digital skills portfolio.


The partners within this project are:​

Aventus (www.aventus.nl)

Amledo & Co (www.amledo.com)

Jacobsskolan (www.jacobsskolan.se)

Nordbergsskolan (www.nordbergsskolan.se)

Dundee & Angus College (www.dundeeandangus.ac.uk)

Ystad Gymnasium (www.ystadgymnasium.se)

Au Claves AB (www.skargards.se)

Kainuun ammattiopisto (www.kao.fi)

For further information, please contact Lol Scragg (l.scragg@dundeeandangus.ac.uk).

The project has support from the Erasmus+ program under the name: What makes a good digital portfolio. Project number: 2019-1-SE01-KA202-060565