Developing Expertise in work-based Learning & Teaching Assessment.

The project will promote a better understanding between the world of vocational education and the world of companies, and communicate how students learn in vocational colleges. 

The project will also produce materials to develop the skills of tutors/mentors in companies so they will be better prepared when hosting a VET student, either through dual VET programmes, apprenticeship schemes or any other method of practical in-company training. 

The materials will be specially focused on: 

The skills and competence of tutors and mentors to carry out the follow-up and assessment of the VET student, using a 'learning outcomes' approach. 

The development of a systematic procedure which will govern the relation between the VET college and the company which hosts a student (roles, responsibilities, tasks) with the objective of facilitating the integration of the VET student in the company and ensure the quality of the apprenticeship period. 

With the credibility of the partner companies participating in the project and associate partners validating the results, the planned dissemination strategy through industry associations will ensure the greatest impact across partner countries' VET systems. 

Horizontal measures to improve achievement in relevant high-level transversal competencies in a lifelong learning perspective are also covered by this approach – the staff involved bring these techniques to a wide audience in their activities, and the students and VET trainees/apprentices in the programme will take these skills and the recognition of them further in their life as their career develops.