Previous Projects

DARE2 was the second year of our Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter and provided opportunities to more than 100 staff and students to take part in learning mobilities to countries such as Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden.

DELTA: Developing Expertise in work-based Learning & Teaching Assessment. The project promoted a better understanding between the world of vocational education and the world of companies, and communicated how students learn in vocational colleges. Find out more at: DELTA

LAIT: Industry 4.0. is the name given to the last industrial revolution, which is based on new ways of interaction among people, machines and data, combining the real world of production with the virtual world of information and communication technology. In order to establish industry 4.0. in a company, it is necessary to attract workers with the skills to meet the requirements of this new approach. In this context, the VET system should seek to provide a broader set of skills and job specific capabilities and close the existing IT skills gap. Industry 4.0. calls for a new approach of IT know-how, in combination with organisational and soft skills and therefore, vocational training needs to be structured in a different way and integrated in the industry 4.0. by cooperating with technological centres and companies, completing the triangle innovation-education-business. During the project, 18 VET teachers were intensively trained in industry 4.0. in IK4 Tekniker, a technological centre in the Basque Country which is a European reference in the field. These 18 VET teachers will transfer this knowledge to other 50 teachers during a short course. Around 1200-1500 learners will benefit from the upgrade of skills of their teachers. Find out more at:

Memory Media: an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project which developed learning and teaching resources for dementia care for use in higher education and clinical settings. This international partnership spanning the UK, China, Spain and Sweden promotes cross-cultural learning and created an opportunity for convergence of two different cultural approaches – East meets West.
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ModuSOL: Its main goal was the development of innovation through integration and the creation of digital learning content in different digital formats, to achieve learning opportunities in these transversal digital competences both for trainers and trainees. Find out more at: ModuSOL

Work Based Learning 2.0: an Erasmus+ project aiming to increase the employability and skills of those looking to work in the digital sector. By creating video interviews and associated learning materials with entrepreneurs who use digital tools (such as websites and social media) to generate awareness, the project provides real-world learning opportunities for students in this field, preparing them for the workplace. In addition, tools and guidelines will be created as part of the project to assist with transnational internships, allowing both interns and companies a platform to develop internships at a wider geographical level. The project partnerships covers Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and the UK and runs until November 2018. Find out more at:

LEARN: the objective of this project was to introduce a forward-looking, modern European dimension to the Leading Learning Academy helping to fulfil this ambition by giving 36 teachers and learning professionals the opportunity to undertake professional development through one week of European mobility training in Sweden and Spain in order to enhance their continuing professional development in a range of competencies.

Not Only Fair Play: an Erasmus+ project within the Sports stream. Its key aims were to promote minority sports, to promote the positive benefits of sport, to assist students good at sport to remember their academic studies and to assist academic students to consider the benefits of sport. Key outcomes included more than 100 case students and best practices from across Europe on sport-based initiatives, sports events across the partnerships, guidelines for teachers, school principals and parents and guidelines for policymakers to the positive benefits of sport within the curriculum. The partnership was quite large and covered Italy, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Belgium and the UK. The project was live for two years and completed December 2016. Find out more at:

SYMBOLS: a Creative Europe project involving symbolism, death, art, music and dance. Investigating cultural differences in tomb symbolism within the partner countries which included Spain, Italy, Slovenia, France, Ireland and the UK; and using those differences as inspiration for printworks and dance/music performances. The output was wrapped into an exhibition which took place in all partner countries. The key project output was to increase awareness of the use of cemeteries as part of our cultural heritage and to increase accessibility for both the youth and disabled groups. The project was live for two years and completed December 2016. Find out more at:

VoCoL Triangles: D&A College was the lead partner in an interesting and potentially influential two year EU Erasmus+ project called VoCoL Triangles. Its aims to bring together the worlds of work, vocational education and learners (the triangle) using co-operative learning techniques. Learning when working in a co-operative fashion provides learners with exposure to views and the feelings of others and the ability to work collectively towards a goal. Find out more at: