International Partnerships & Projects

Significant EU funding has enabled Dundee and Angus College to undertake a range of projects to enhance the learning experience for students; develop new materials and delivery methodologies, and raise their profile nationally and internationally.

Dundee and Angus College has partnerships in every European country, as well as in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Africa, and the US.

With a long and well-established track record of projects and partnerships funded externally, through UK, European or international agencies, D&A College took a lead role in a number of innovatory multi-partner projects over the last twenty years, including ESF, ERDF, Adapt, Equal, Leonardo, Socrates, Ten-Telecom, Interreg. Within the wider global context, projects were funded by the UK and other Governments, including the UKIERI, PMI 2, Skills @ Work and Skills for Employability programmes.

Transfer of Innovation (allowing partners to transfer and adapt innovative vocational education and training materials and methods). Projects undertaken include outcomes in certain areas:

  • Measuring and Assessing Soft Skills
  • Strategies to Encourage Retention in Vocational Education
  • Internationalisation and Mobility in the Students Curricula
  • Exploring Service Industries in Europe
  • Everyday Racism at the Workplace
  • Network for Soft Skills Innovation for Employment
  • Administration & Computing in Europe