Memory Media

Memory Media is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project which is developing learning and teaching resources for dementia care for use in higher education and clinical settings.

The project idea arose from research findings that approaches which use art/multi-media are having an impact in dementia care. Cognitive stimulation is a recommended evidence based intervention for people with dementia. People with mild-to-moderate dementia should be offered the opportunity to participate in cognitive stimulation activities including informal stimulation through recreational activities and/or more formally via structured programmes which aim to provide stimulating activities based on psychological theories of cognition.

However, this approach is rarely taught within current higher education courses. The Memory Media consortium is addressing this in partner organisations and wider networks.

The Consortium
The consortium consists of five 5 partners:
Dundee and Angus College and Forth Valley College (UK)
Centro de Formación Somorrostro (Spain)
FoU Centrum, Linköpings Kommun (Sweden)
Gannan Medical University (China)

This international partnership promotes cross cultural learning and creates an opportunity for convergence of two different cultural approaches – East meets West.

The project uses a range of techniques from digital media to create stimulating "memory
boxes" for use in health and social care and community settings. The following products for students,
teachers and health and social care professionals are in development and will be published at as they are completed:

  • Literature Review to draw on existing research from Europe and Asia
  • Comparative study to explore the changing needs of government health and social care policies
  • Learning resources for Health and Social Care students which adopt innovative approaches
  • to care for people suffering with dementia
  • Support resources for teachers, lecturers or trainers to develop their competences to ensure
  • they have the necessary knowledge and skills

Contribute to the Project
To find out more about the project, please go to or contact any of the project partners.