Developing Expertise in work-based Learning & Teaching Assessment 

The DELTA project aims to promote, facilitate and improve the participation of companies in the VET system. It will to do this by developing the skills of tutors/mentors in companies in order they can provide the necessary resources to receive, support, monitor and assess VET learners according to the requirements of their programmes.  


Germany: IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt, Germany 
Italy: Pixel, Italy, Florence
Romania: Kleinon, Bistrita, Romania 
Spain: HETEL, Spain. near Bilbao
Sweden: Amledo & Co, nr Stockholm
UK: D&A College, Dundee, UK; Discovery Flexibles, Dundee, UK

DELTA meeting
Project kick-off meeting,  November 2017, Dundee

Aims and Outputs

The aim of the project is the development of a systematic procedure which will govern the relation between the VET college and the company which hosts a student with the objective of facilitating the integration of the VET student in the company and ensure the quality of the apprenticeship period.

The project will promote a better understanding between the world of vocational education and the world of companies, and communicate how and what students learn in vocational colleges.

The project will produce the following materials.

  • Digital Portfolio - to allow students and trainees to demonstrate their skills and competences and learning styles to potential hosting companies
  • Digital Toolkit - to develop the skills of tutors/mentors in companies so they will be better prepared when hosting a VET student, either through dual VET programmes, apprenticeship schemes or any other method of practical in-company training.

With the credibility of the partner companies participating in the project and associate partners validating the results, the planned dissemination strategy through industry associations will ensure the greatest impact across partner countries' VET systems.

Richard Faint
Project Leader: International 
D&A College
Kingsway Campus
01382 834 834