International Partnerships & Projects

Current projects:

LEARN - the objective of this project is to introduce a forward looking, modern European dimension to the Leading Learning Academy help to fulfil this ambition by giving 36 teachers and learning professionals the opportunity to undertake professional development through one week European mobility training in Sweden and Spain in order to enhance their continuing professional development in a range of competences.
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Memory Media - is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project which is developing learning and teaching resources for dementia care for use in higher education and clinical settings. This international partnership spanning the UK, China, Spain and Sweden promotes cross cultural learning and creates an opportunity for convergence of two different cultural approaches – East meets West.
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Not Only Fair Play is a project funded within the framework of the European Erasmus+ programme. Comprising 11 partners from around Europe including Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Dundee and Angus College in the UK. Its core aim is to promote sport at school as a means of achieving social inclusion and equal opportunity.
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SYMBOLS is a Creative Europe funded project comprising 6 partners from Spain, Slovenia, Italy, France, Republic of Ireland and Dundee and Angus College in the UK. Its core aim is to strengthen the knowledge and public awareness of cemeteries and associated arts as an important part of European cultural heritage, particularly amongst the youth and those suffering disability.
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VoCoL Triangles: The college is the lead partner in an interesting and potentially influential two year EU Erasmus+ project called VoCoL Triangles.  It aims to bring together the worlds of work, vocational education and learners (the triangle) using co-operative learning techniques. Learning when working in a co-operative fashion provides learners with exposure to views and the feelings of others and the ability to work collectively towards a goal.
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International Team Contacts:

Anne CantAnne Cant
International Manager
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Iverene BromfieldIverene Bromfield
Project Leader
Richard FaintRichard Faint
Project Leader
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Micholla FinneganMicholla Finnegan
Project and International Recruitment Coordinator
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Lol ScraggLol Scragg
Project Leader
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Project activity pre-merger

Significant EU funding enabled both the former Angus College and the former Dundee College to undertake a range of projects to enhance the learning experience for students; develop new materials and delivery methodologies; and raise their profiles nationally and internationally.

Dundee College had partnerships in every European country, as well as China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia and the US.

With a long and well-established track record of projects and partnerships funded externally, through UK, European or international agencies, the former Dundee College took a lead role in a number of innovatory multi-partner projects over the last twenty years, including ESF, ERDF, Adapt, Equal, Leonardo, Socrates, Ten-Telecom, Interreg. Within the wider global context, projects were funded by the UK and other Governments, including the UKIERI, PMI 2, Skills @ Work and Skills for Employability programmes.

The former Angus College participated in Leonardo da Vinci funded initiatives since 2007. These included:
Mobility Projects (which provided staff, students, job seekers and apprentices at the former college with a unique opportunity to enhance their skills on a work placement in another European country)
Partnerships (which allowed the former college to work with European counterparts on issues of mutual interest, to share ideas and discuss common problems)
Transfer of Innovation (which allowed the former college to work with European partners to transfer and adapt innovative vocational education and training materials and methods)

Projects undertaken included:

  • Measuring and Assessing Soft Skills
  • Connect, Create, Sustain
  • Strategies to Encourage Retention in Vocational Education
  • Building The Future
  • Internationalisation and Mobility in the students Curricula
  • Exploring Service Industries in Europe
  • Everyday Racism at the Workplace
  • Network for Soft Skills Innovation for Employment
  • Administration & Computing in Europe