You can study Highers at college Archive for 2017

26 August 2015

If you missed out on achieving Highers at school, or would like to add to the Highers you've already got, you can study on a part-time basis at D&A College.


Highers are usually needed for entry into college or university to study for Higher National Certificate or Diploma (HNC/HND) or degree courses.

We offer a range of Highers at our campuses, starting in August 2016:

Higher Chemistry - Kingsway
Higher English - Arbroath, Gardyne, Off-site
Higher History - Arbroath, Gardyne (Day or Evening)
Higher Human Biology - Arbroath
Higher Maths - Arbroath, Off-site
Higher Physics - Kingsway
Higher Psychology - Arbroath
Higher Sociology - Arbroath, Gardyne

And also National Qualifications:

National 4 Mathematics - Off Site
National 5 Mathematics - Arbroath, Gardyne, Off-site